Eggmanink Design

532 Walnut

532 Walnut Street 532 Walnut was designed and built by Eggmanink Design, owner Scott Voelker. It is located on a half-acre plot adjacent to the Kansas River. The project experimented with using “off-the-shelf” building systems in non-traditional ways to keep construction costs down. This resulted in creating custom windows out of replacement glass for doors […]

Oxford NJ Addition


Oxford NJ Addition This property is nestled into the woods in rural New Jersey.  The clients needed additional space for an office and studio.  The unique shape of the house leant itself to crafting the addition with atypical form that opens up to the wooded surroundings and invites the landscape into the space. RESIDENTIAL

Leesburg VA Renovation

Leesburg VA Renovation

Leesburg VA Renovation The clients purchased this house with the intent of aging in place.  The entire house was renovated to make the ground floor accessible, functional and beautiful.  The kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms were all reconfigured to create a natural flow between the spaces.  The project was a collaboration with Next Modern Facilities. RESIDENTIAL

315 Northampton

315 Northampton Having worked with the owners of this building on Stoke Coal Fire Pizza across the Easton’s Centre Square, the idea for this project was to create bright, airy studio apartments in the narrow spaces. Adding elements like a new storefront on the ground floor and replacing the large, original wood windows with new custom wood […]

Orefield House

Orefield House

Orefield House The original one story house was built by the grandparents of one of the owners and the current family of four was feeling a bit cramped in the existing ranch house.  The idea for this project was to add a 2nd story for 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and to free up the ground […]